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perfectly_peony Just writing when a thought comes to me.
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Running from the monsters to safety doesn't always go as planned. Lame and cliche, but I tried. (My first time writing in years, so cut me some slack :') )#zombie-apocalypse


I am running.

My feet are pounding the ground and the rain is shooting down from the sky like falling stars, blasting to towards the earth.

My mind is running just as fast as I am, thoughts flying about as my satchel hits against my hip whilst I run.

Thud, thud, THUD.

I stumble but catch myself on a rough, worn tree trunk.

Even though it is raining like the sky is crying, I can hear them following me.

Their low, guttural cries are following me. It doesn't matter how long or hard I run.

They continue to follow me. They want to devour me alive but at the same time are crying, in a way.

Like they need help just as much as I need it. But there is nothing I can do to help them.

We all know that much.

I finally make it out of the woods and to my destination.

An old, decaying cottage sitting in the clearing outside of the woods. There are holes and weeds growing tall around it,

vines climbing the walls and glimmering moss covering the stones leading to the wonky door.

I rush towards it, the rendezvous point that Mac, Jason, Emilia, and the rest of my group told me to meet them at if I were to ever lose my bearings.

I can see a faint candle lighting up the interior of the little cottage.

My heart leaps with a relief I have not felt in months. I can feel fresh tears flowing freely, accompanying the rain still pelting my face.

I hear the voices of them coming, as I grow closer to the cottage.

But I fail to realize that, among my relief-ridden body and wailing mind, a low growl is nearing me from the side.

I feel a sharp pain sinking into my shoulder, gradually growing in intensity.

All I feel is pain.

The world is pain.

When I come to, I see one of the monsters with its teeth hooked into me.

The numbers of them are growing around me, the stench of blood undoubtedly attracting them.

I don't know if it's possible, but I can feel the blood flowing faster out of me.

My vision is becoming blurrier. I can't feel my body and try to put up one last, good fight.

My hearing zones in on the cottage door and there he is, the person who matters the most to me.

Watching in shock and horror as I am quickly devoured - tendon by tendon, bone by bone - to death.

I give him one last smile and mouth "It's okay."

I use the last of my depleting energy to give him a soft, sad smile.

And the world goes black.

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