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Uneducated EDUCATED

Uneducated EDUCATED

The policy said, "Do not play during Office hours."

The educated said, "I do not play all day, how inconsiderate."

The policy said, "File your leave five days before you go on leave."

The educated said, "Ma'am I will go on leave tomorrow."

The policy said, "If you happen to be sick, just inform the superviro."

The educated said, "Tracy I am sick please tell Boss."

The policy said, "Use the Bio-Metric when logging in/ out."

The educated said, "I forgot to use the Bio-Metric, can I just write in the Logbook?"

The policy said, "Use your proper uniform even on field."

The educated said, "I will be having a half-day lecture, can I use my denim pants?"

The workplace is for work.

Why do I need to do all these things on my table?

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