The tale of tales
The tale of tales spirituality stories

peregrinebuddha Community member
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About all the numerous tales existing metaphysically, jostling with each other to gain the cynosure of society.

The tale of tales

Oh, so many tales,

Whose to hear,

For if one heard, one unheard,

For if some said, some unheard,

For if each said, each unheard,

For there be a ruckus from a herd,

That is of this selection inferred.

Oh, but so many tales of this tale,

Which one to believe,

For if one true, one false,

For if some true, some false,

For if each true, each false,

For 'nother likewise selection calls.

Oh, so many tales of one tale of this tale,

That there be tales of tales,

Such an undefined tail,

Where one more tale, more the tail,

Where some more tales, some more tails,

Where each tale, tail on tail.

Oh, but now that this tale be told,

There are many more tales to be told.

Woe be me that for this tale of tales,

Every measurement fails.

Woe be me that there be no lone truth,

For such is this forbidden fruit,

It renders each tale moot,

Yet each tale be a suit.

Oh, but such is this tale of tales


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