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This week, all the questions are to your favorite son of Hades... Nico!

Ask t̶h̶e̶ ̶7̶ Nico!

Welcome back fellow demigods to episode 4 of Ask the 7! I'm your host, Alex Fierro, but today we're doing things a little differently!

Wait...why am I the only one here?

Excellent question di'Angelo! That's because this week's Ask the 7, the only questions we'll be answering are the ones that are for Nico!

When looking over all of the questions, I found that many people loved Nico so much, that they sent in a ton of questions for him! So today, 90% of those Nico questions will be answered!


You don't have a choice, Neeks. On the bright side, you're allowed to insult the 7 and they'll never have to know.

... all right, that sounds good enough. And don't call me Neeks.

Glad you think so! And no, I'll never stop. The first couple of questions are asked by @inkdragon!

Who's the least annoying to get stuck with?

That's easy. Hazel, definitely. She's my sister, and also one of the most tolerable demigods to have ever existed.

Aww, I'm sure Hazel finds you to be the least annoying too :)

@inkdragon also asked:

Which is worse; being with Leo, or losing your sister?

Losing Hazel would be a lot worse. I already lost one sister, I'm not gonna lose another. I'll even suffer and be with Valdez if it means Hazel stays.

Coming from you, I think that's the ultimate sacrifice. Now I'm feeling kind of bad for doing an All Nico Episode, some of these questions can be pretty intense.

It's fine, I can handle them. What's the next one?

Your next question is from @bookishtween13:

Opinions on mint chocolate chip ice cream?

It's the best dessert ever! Well, second best. Marshmallows will always be number one.

I actually think mint chocolate chip tastes better-

No one asked you, Fierro. And you're wrong. Marshmallows are the purest substance in the world.

I would argue with you more, but you got more questions to answer.

Does that mean you give up and I win the argument?

Only in your dreams Neeks. Anyways, @hiraljadiya asked you:

Who is better, Zeus or Poseidon?

None of the above.

Nico, that's not how it works-

I honestly think neither of them is good. Zeus is an arrogant jerk, and Poseidon is a self-centered squid.

You still gotta answer the question Death Boy. Which one is better, the temperamental spark plug or the original Seaweed Brain?

Well if you put it that way, then I guess Poseidon is a bit better.

For once, then I'm gonna have to agree with you. This next question is asked by @himadey_1113:

Would you rather never see Will Solace again or be chained in a prison with infinite light with him?

I'd be in the prison with him.

Wow, you didn't even hesitate.

Of course I didn't hesitate, it was an obvious question! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I couldn't be near my significant annoyance.

Awww, that's so cute! Solangelo is my favorite Greek OTP.


Yeah, it's the ship name everyone on the internet's been calling you and Will. Not gonna lie, it has a nice ring to it.

...who was the original person to make that ship name?


I don't know if I should strangle him or thank him for making a ship name and showcasing it for other demigods and mortals to see.

You can strangle him AND thank him, so that way you don't have to chose between either one.

I think that's the smartest thing you've ever said.

It probably is. But let's move on! These last few questions are all asked by @basketballgirl:

If anyone ever ridiculed you for being gay, what would you do?

I'd give them a one-way trip to Tartarus. What else would I do?

Well, you could always play a prank on them or something

True, but that's not as fun as mentally and physically scarring them.

Touche. Anyways, here's your next question:

What would you do if someone insulted Will?

I'd kill that person, revive them, then kill them again.

Why are you being so gruesome-

Because no one insults my ray of sunshine and gets away with it.

Fair enough. I'd probably act the same if someone insulted Magnus. Here's your next question:

If you had to choose between Will dying and you dying, which would you choose?

Me, obviously. If Will died then I would never be able to forgive myself.

Why are all of your answers so heroic? It makes them sappy and boring :/

Shut up Fierro.

I can't shut up Neeks, I'm the host/hostess. It's my job to make your life miserable and to make you reveal all of your secrets. But let's get to the final question!:

Nico - (sorry really love ya) If you woke up and the only clothing ever allowed again was neon pink, what would you do?

Why would anyone do that though?! Neon pink is a color even monsters of the Underworld despise!

As a lover of the color pink, I feel so attacked right now-

You should. And to answer the question, I'd probably die in a hole or something rather than wear clothing that contains that nightmareish color on it.

I think they should rename you from Ghost King to Drama Queen. But that's the end of Episode 4! If you've got any questions for the demigods then drop them down in the comments below!

If you guys have questions for people other than the 7+ Nico (Chrion, Mr. D, Will, Reyna, etc.) then you can ask them too!

Wait...Will's gonna be on here?

If he's asked a question then yes

Oh gods, this is going to get chaotic...

But that's all we have for now, see you next week fellow demigods! And stay tuned for the next episode of Ask the 7! Bye!

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