Seducing you ...
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Can we do this?

Seducing you ...

I want to seduce, entice, enchant you lure you closer time & again Let me intrigue, charm, beguile you always offering all that I am  

May I amaze, baffle, bewilder entrance & delight you, both now & then Can I awaken, excite, surprise you as we become all that we can

Let me move, sway, circle, spin with you as I draw you both up & in Dance with you, flow with you, simply hold you always we part, to meet yet again 

I wish to see, all the way into you Let me hear - words spoken & those not yet said I want to touch, feel, to taste you as we endlessly go to where we are led

I wish to lay with you, savour, exalt you accepting as you twine so cleverly in, around, over, under me, flowing right through me thrusting me onwards from all that I've been

You are both for me & not yet with me I yield at the same time I reach for your hand Now I summon, conjure, simply ask that you  cross the time, space, reality that we two do span  ...

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