What Afterlife by penutbutternick
What Afterlife
by penutbutternick death stories

penutbutternick Metal AF. Allpoetry @peanutbutternick
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8 syllables per line, 40 lines, 20 rhymes, 4 times 2 = 8...Im crazy. Just a poem of our relatable daydreams on the question of whats after death.

What Afterlife by penutbutternick

What really happens when we die? I want no fable, myth or lie Does static paradise await? Fluffy clouds and a pearly gate And Is this heaven stale and still? Our souls under creator will Or a party beyond measure? With every ecstasy and pleasure

But What if heaven burned and fell, Would innocents be sent to hell? To be forever burned and poked Ghouls that keep the fire stoked Or is hell a culmination Of fearful imagination ?

What if we become stuck as ghosts, Can we just pick and possess hosts? Or are we all just blips and dots? Little Big Bangs and random spots Contract expand rebound repeat Same Drum, but a different beat

And what will play after this song? I hope the music plays for long Is the juke box something finite, Does a DJ play us all night? Another life another dance new breath that brings a brand new chance

Another set of strings to pluck A Random fortune for my luck Do we continue on our verse, Into another universe? Different planet with different rules Gasoline bleach for swimming pools

And can we come back as a bug? A dog a rat a cat a rug? Rodent Whale alligator tree? Or when we die are we set free? Exist as nothing, void of thought Free from every want we ever sought

Nothing zilch not even pitch black Or do we get the same life back? restart to make different choices Maybe we get different voices By the scale we will find out fast We all learn once we breathe our last…breath

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