Viral By penutbutternick
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A pretty cynical view on social media.

Viral By penutbutternick

It’s viral to go viral And Its style to be vile Run straight to the brand-new trends and align like ducks along the mile For the sake of narrow file But praise the wing that bends

Swaying but not straying; we are all chained at the hips Watch me watch them watch you watch me; please don’t stop the spiral

Faux duel and drink jet fuel Then drool and kiss the mule Flex to impress all your friends Do it because they said that it’s cool And be sure to film it, tool ...Don’t break what never mends

Entrance with a new dance Spritz Romance in a glance Put your ass on the thumbnails Lower your shirt and hike-up your pants More views with less resistance ...To score some product sales

Can’t shame us, can’t blame us name us, but can’t tame us Watch the loop of stupid “fails” We’ll do it again just to be famous Anything to be famous the only weight that moves the scales

Our phones worth our bones; forever in debt to the ships watch you watch me watch them watch you; eyes are wind in your sails

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