Secret (crush) by penutbutternick
Secret (crush)
by penutbutternick poem stories

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"SECRET (crush)" is about being young, having a crush, and then telling said crush about the crush.

Secret (crush) by penutbutternick

Here’s a secret no one knows Thoughts of you, they curl my toes Exhilarating walk on fire You’re an angel that I see floating way up above me I’ll jump on air just to get higher

And it hurts The best It’s like a knife inside my chest I can’t breathe or talk whenever you talk to me

Another secret that I keep I dream of you each time I sleep better than dreaming that I fly And as I feel my body wake Our final touch makes my heart ache And I just lay in bed and cry

And it hurts So real It’s like a knife inside my heal can’t move or step whenever you walk towards me So...

Is there a secret that you hold? Like the secrets I just told? Cause now’s the time for you to say it Am I bubbles in your chest? Hallucinations in your rest? If you have a song for me, please play it!

If it hurts Too good Then it’s hurting like it should What do you think of my secret, please tell me!

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