Quarantitties By penutbutternick
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ADULT HUMOR. Read the whole thing for a good laugh. I’m sure most of you relate.

Quarantitties By penutbutternick

Locked in four walls, Alone and distraught Daydreaming that I am the things that I’m not Choking on all the canned food that I bought I should’ve just bought a sex robot I don’t even think I’ll eat this canned food

I’m not to leave because outside is scary I’m just so bored; my palms have grown hairy The joy from my “habit” is just temporary Post-orgasm depression is too strong to parry Should I send my crush a nude?

Alone in my room and alone in my mind Alone and so dull; my friend I can’t find Alone for so long- I think I’ve gone blind don’t know what’s to come and forgot what behind Oh my god! I didn’t mean to really send a nude

Far from myself and the things that can’t be I’m Stuck in between with no hope to see Will they respond with anger or glee? Bound to my deeds, I’ll never be free I’ve forsaken my bills and instead bought canned food

The bubbles occur! I dread the reply Bullet or bleach, how should I die? Ill fashion a noose, I’ll learn how to tie Why didn’t I say “what-up” or “hi”? Or ask them for some canned food

I run from the phone, stress too astounding crushing dilemma is thick and surrounding My heart is attacking; so viscously pounding I’m not to blame; it’s cause of the grounding But what if they send back a nude?

From under the pillow I sense the phone vibrate Sweating profusely my heart starts to gyrate I’m ready to read, but first I must hydrate But In the moment, I was too slow, thus too late My phone died while I tripped on canned food

I reach for the charger but was blinded by dark! The lights have gone out; and I tripped on my mark. The power was gone, not a volt or a spark I tripped on my cat and then heard a dog bark And I don’t own a dog ...fuck this canned food!

I should’ve locked my doors and paid my bills Then I wouldn’t be learning how a shiatsu kills The teeth on my throat like a hook in fish gills As the blood leaves my head, I get my final chills ....And I’ll never know what was thought of my nude...

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