Anhedonia By penutbutternick

By penutbutternick
 sad stories

penutbutternick Metal AF. Allpoetry @peanutbutternick
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Anhedonia: An inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable...Or something like that.

Anhedonia By penutbutternick

the wonders of Cydonia the beauty of begonias can't be the antidote to my anhedonia

the feast turns to ash the drugs make me crash the stress and the gloom make my skin rash

I don’t care to float or fly or to quit or try no music or art can please my ear or eye ...... no comedy or drama can make me laugh or cry

sorrow is the sea of my frothy waves of anxiety lonely is the tree in the dark field of society

Suicide inhibited by self-preserving tendencies Tendencies to hope and care Too much to plunge into permanent remedies Remedies of rope and chair

so here I muddle in my puddle forcing a dance in the rain if the sun won’t come I won’t be undone I’ll simply ride this train.

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