Five Punches (2nd Punch)
Five Punches (2nd Punch) romance stories

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The second part of my romance story.

Five Punches (2nd Punch)

Two and a half years went by before the second punch. At this point, we were officially a couple. If I could take away this punch I would. It was not my proudest moment, but I was a young woman who was afraid of loss.

During the summer, Jonathan told me that his dad was being stationed in Germany for two years. He told me that his family had to go with his father. I was heartbroken because I thought that we would never be able to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Jonathan acted like everything was going to be okay and that we did not have to worry about anything. This was when his positivity and optimism made me crazy. Not in a good way. For the first time in my life, I let all of my anger spill out on Jonathon. It was the day before he was leaving. I went to his house, entered his cluttered room of clothes and possessions, and I told him:

“How can you act like we are not going to break up?” He stopped packing and looked at me, puzzled. “What do you mean?” he said. “I mean”, I said,” that our relationship is not going to last with you moving to Germany”. “It will only be for two years.”

“How can you say only two years as if that is a small amount of time?” “I don’t understand what the big deal is. You know that I--” “That you what?” I spoke, louder than I ever have before. “Love me. If you loved me you would be realistic with me and understand the challenge of a long distance relationship!”

For the first time since I had known him, he was speechless. He stared blankly at me. I looked into his forest green eyes and instead of blushing, it fueled my flame. I punched him as hard as I could in the gut. “There is your second punch!” I wailed as I left him gasping for breath.


“Jessa!” I heard him cough as my tears washed me out the door.

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