For him.
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for my prince

For him.

by pennyadls

It's so hard to say goodbye

to something that everyone craves for every night.

But alas, I decided to run, run

and run.

You killed me even when you already knew I was dying

I was always shouting

You got sick of hearing me fighting

Fighting for the love that was never a battleground

How easy everything turned upside down.

I could still blame myself for the destruction,

but I thought we made those promises as instructions;

to be careful and not break each other's hearts into tiny fractions,

make us stronger in our sweet disposition,

a hopeful clear depiction of our future.

In conclusion, I'll shut up after this simple explanation.

In the end you hide in shitty excuses,

I keep saying it gives me bloody bruises

I love you

I love us

I love you

I love us.

I fucking loved you

I loved you so fucking much.

I love you still,

But I'm done with our last fiery rematch.

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