The Butterfly and the Bitch A thread by Christopher D. Wilson

The Butterfly and the Bitch

A thread by
Christopher D. Wilson thriller stories

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You may guess wrong who has the sharper claws - a friend or an enemy.

The Butterfly and the Bitch A thread by Christopher D. Wilson

It was a poorly lit morning at the turn of winter. There were barely left of the leaves of any tree when the snows began to sprinkle.

Everyone in the woods and the outskirts concealed themselves warm in their homes in the trees and holes. But there was this butterfly that had a whole forgotten shack for itself.

Today, this butterfly's wings would not just open although it cannot remember when did it break them. Now, it cannot fly!

It was getting colder and there was no hope for it during winter unless it stays here in the inside most of the shack in its usual spot.

It was dark too. Now that it remembered the rumors about a gone-mad comodo spotted a week ago, it seemed the gloom became rather eerie. Some said, they saw the crazy lizard crowing pretending it was a cock!

Anyway, it thought it'd just hide here safe under the rested pendulum clock behind these ragged shoes and dirt.

The silence was at its usual pitch. It soothed that perhaps it should close its eyes and begin today the days of resting. But not quite yet.

There broke in creakings on the floor moving fast towards the inside of the shack. Could it be the comodo?

Fear as rashes grew on and filled its face, so much the more when it heard an infant squeak as if it was hurt! Oh poor victim, so the butterfly thought.

Don't bigger lizards have longer tongues? Don't the more they love butterflies?

The predator came careful in the room and its eyes marbled from the fewness of light. Its mouth was the first thing that came out to visibility and on was a puppy hanging and crying.

Oh, poor thing.

But, the butterfly came to know the truth that it wasn't the dreadful monster. It was a dog, a mother carrying its little baby.

What a relief! Although it was the rumored dog that had many boyfriends but never settled with one. Oh well, this is better than the real enemy.

It also remembered how itself had countless suitors but unless they were a prince, she was never amused.

The woman dog laid her pup on one of the corners and caressed it to peace while her eyes were being careful of the place. It was then when she smelled the danger.

It came from across the room, from underneath the tall standing clock.

The dog growled and fixed a hostile stare there below at the shoes -- or beyond them.

What was with this dog now barking mad?

The butterfly agog at knowing why such anger and fear, therefore it crawled out to see more of what was causing it.

"What's the matter?" The butterfly asked.

So much the more that the dog barked hostile. A mouth of a salamander -- no, greater than a salamander -- protruded from behind the shoes and its eyes blazed ready to devour.

The mother braced her claws forward to a fight. This comodo might have gone far, but not further behind her.

"It's not that me that can hurt here?" said the comodo. "Is it your pup hurt somewhere? Can I see it? Does it taste goo- what!? Yes, oh yes. Babies do taste good, don't they?"

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