Black air
Black air  healing stories

penguinparty Community member
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My first ever short poem about my depression and suicide

Black air

You don’t seem to understand or worse you don’t give a damn

It’s like the thoughts in my head won’t stop turning black

All I can think about is what you think I lack

How much longer will you pretend to care

Especially since I know how much better I’d be without you here

Is it real?

Am I crazy?

It’s all just becoming really hazy

I wish you knew how I wish you cared

I wish that I got out of there

I wish I could stop breathing your air

But I think I’m too scared to be so dare

There’s nothing anyone can do anymore

I’m stuck I’m sinking and I can’t help feeling like a bore

It’s over for me but did it ever start?

Did you ever really love me?

Do you even have a heart?

I know the answer to that I think I always knew

But it was just easier for me to dream I’d follow through

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