The room
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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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How did I get here again? In this room?

The room

Here, I am still here. In this room, inside these four walls.

And I wish I could explain what that meant. But I can't, even though I should, but nothing matters and I am still here.

Have you ever been in a room, where you can barely stretch your arms out?

Where everything feels like static? Where the air feels stiff? My breath is just code corrupting the cold air.

The empty sounds surrounding me. Suffocating me. I thought I got out. I keep thinking it all the time. And every time I get out, every time I escape,

I wake up and I'm here. I'm in this room.

Sometimes it feels like there is no escape. But the door is open. The window is open. There is no roof.

There is no room.

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