Six feet under
Six feet under moody stories

pendependent A good person, perhaps
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A different look at death

Six feet under

One by two by six This grave is still five feet too shallow

Souls can rest six feet under But memories arise from even deeper

So bury them eleven feet under the soil Or even further

Move to a town where no-one knows you They still know you

A charter bus won't take you there Where you can rest

Don't resist arrest Let the devil win for once

One by two by six This is where I lay

Five feet too shallow Dig me deeper into the ground

Until mold can't reach me I don't want to be remembered

Find a place it's safe to hide Nowhere is safe

It's not safe inside Hide deep in a mountain

Hide under the stream Some pebbles would still find me

One by two by six This is where you buried me

Haunting you forever Five feet too shallow

I never asked for this You love the pain

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