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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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Questions can be tough to ask and harder to answer


I did try to hold you for a moment longer. Question: did you? Give a lot, ask for very little; That is what I'm confined to...

A life of endless wanting, Never getting, just hoping. Perhaps one day I'll be treated kindly, And given what I deserve.

Or perhaps the opposite. Question: Am I greedy? I type, and as I do, so I am. No reason to question something, if there isn't any truth in it.

And I must admit, there particularly is in this. I remain a hog of emotions, of experiences, of words. Never quite letting anyone through: Scared they might take, what's rightfully mine

Or maybe there's more truth in that for you, who'll say? Question: Who gets to have a say? I don't seem to. I try and try to yell but all I manage are these tiny whispers

These tiny quivers and they don't seem to make a difference, Neither do these words on paper or computer. Either way I'm stuck just trying to say, but never speaking Just asking a question:

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