Pride // part one: your seven deadly sins
Pride // part one: your seven deadly sins moody stories

pendependent A good person, perhaps
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You are full of sin, this is just one of your vices

Pride // part one: your seven deadly sins

Look down from your marbled kingdom

Can you still see the sun?

The beauty of the horizon as it is doused with colours

Look into my eyes, not down to me

I am not your servant anymore

Picking up the broken fragments of your soul, you forgot outside

Face me for you are not my king

I do not recognize this authority you think you hold so nobly

So righteously; you believe you are deserving

But a deserving ruler listens to his servants,

Have some humility to hear:

"This is only your truth"

Filled with pride, you are sinful

My demise and I am a fallen angel

Corrupted by your deadly sins

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