Ode to the world
Ode to the world  finnish stories

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A poem showcasing different languages

Ode to the world

Jos tuuli virtani veisi (If the wind should take my power) Sinut silti etsisin (I would still find you) -Finnish

Under a stream of shadows, There you would be -English

¿Puedes comprender que tú eres importante para mí? (Can you understand that you are important to me) Te amo, pero no lo ves (I love you, but you cannot see it) -Spanish

I will still save you from these shadows Take you to a place, where you can rest -English

I morgon ska du se, (Tomorrow you will see) Du har fortfarande en framtid (You still have a future)

*Authors note: Apart from Finnish and English, I only know these languages at a basic level so there may be errors :D +thank you to my audience for supporting me throughout my journey, it means a lot to me

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