Misery 2
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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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Your words are pretty, maybe they can hide my misery

Misery 2

Yesterday there were colours And today there is emptiness It fills my soul and I trust in it today, for the first time

You cry and your eyes fill with tears This I do not see, but rather know in my heart Or somewhere, where this feeling exists

I cannot cry I do not cry This is okay

I feel a warm pressure against my face My ears ring. You hit me

I know it somewhere Wanting to break the emptiness Unable to make a difference- unable to care.

I cannot cry So I do not I apologize for this and will continue to do so.

The emptiness hurts from this, but it does not budge It will not break It stands

You apologize too You kiss me This does not heal the hurting

You say nice words, they mean more now There is nothing else except for them Me and your words

I fill my emptiness with them I do not apologize with this I know this was your intention.

*Authors note: this is the second part of a continuous story in this form It's not necessary to read the previous or later ones to understand, but they will add to the scenery I hope you read them as well as venture into my other works!

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