Misery 1
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pendependent A good person, perhaps
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Misery, today I wake seeing nothing. Everything is empty

Misery 1

Body unmoving; Prisoned in my own head I have felt this way for too long

My dark gown unraveled into wires Wrapping my body in nettles of fear I imagine to be love

An insect of misery wielding its web Into the crevasses of my skin Promising me I am okay

I am fine This inescapable feeling of nothingness tells me so Yet it does not move

Not for loss or love- or perhaps lust posing as love Which one is present; I do not know You will not tell

Yet this is what I have always earned for: The piece to appease my guilt Fill my emptiness and complete the puzzle that has no meaning

I follow you into this light or darkness I cannot tell For today I have woken seeing nothing.

*Authors note: this is the first part of a continuous story i will continue in this form. It's not necessary to read the later ones to understand, but they will add to the scenery I hope you read them as long as venture to read my other works!

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