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I am a liar, but somethings are worse


I am a liar, perhaps I have always been. There have been a few occasions, where I have just tried to accept that maybe it's just in my DNA, in the blood that runs through my veins.

Maybe I'm addicted to the bittersweet lies. Still, you have to understand, I didn't have a choice. No-one wants to become a liar.

Even after all the triumph I've had, I would never wish these lies on anyone. Lies aren't just words. They are poison.

In the beginning it was just a little whisper into the wind. White lies don't matter; isn't that what were always taught?

Of course you look beautiful. Of course I want to see you. Of course I love you.

Things escalated quickly. I didn't mean to lie. Like I said, no-one wants to become a liar. And yes the lies had always been rooted in me, somewhere deep.

But seeing you. Needing you. That wasn't a lie. I just... Didn't love you. But I had to have you. So I told you what you wanted to hear. I told you everything the perfect girlfriend would say.

You were insecure. I didn't blame you. We were young. I was saying the right things. Doing the right things. You fell for me. Sometimes, I wish you hadn't.

Even in light of everything, I don't think I did wrong when I lied. Lying is my drug. You wouldn't take a drug away from an addict. I loved having it there. Seething through my veins like blood.

I wish all my blood was still in my veins. Not scattered across these walls, I don't need anymore. I know you took my life for a reason. I know you killed me for my lies. Vengeance you say.

Retaliation for my abuse. But I didn't choose to lie! So stop blaming me. Look at yourself. Look in the mirror. You were begging for it; begging for a relief from your boring life.

Begging for me. So maybe I'm the Liar. And sometimes I regret it. But you are something worse. You tell the truth. No matter how much it hurts.

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