Who's My Baby Sister?
Who's My Baby Sister? sister stories
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Inspired by J. Cole's 1985. My sister has cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She is the most amazing human being. I love her so much!

Who's My Baby Sister?

1987 she arrived

31 years, man I'm happy she's alive

She wasn't supposed to live passed the

age of 5

The years have gone by

And I'm grateful she survived

Truly thankful to have her in this life of mine

My mom carried her in her belly for a very long time

What happened during birth felt like a crime

I learned about it when I was young

Got sentimental and I cried

I understand that pregnancies don't

always go as expected

My mom was in pain and the doctors

were so neglecting

The umbilical cord got wrapped around

my sister's neck and

There must have been something they

could have done to prevent it

I did some research and things like this could happen

But the doctors suddenly fell into a panic

The time kept ticking and it was adding

up so fast and

She suffered brain damages and a lack

of oxygen

They took a while before they could

remove the cord

It's almost like the doctors were not

aware of her position

My momma was happy to finally hold her

in her arms

But now, she has to live each day with cerebral palsy and mental retardation

My motive is not to seek revenge

I just want everyone to get a better understanding of an unfortunate situation

You must comprehend that they are

humans too

They deserve more respect and they do

not deserve humiliation

Even though she has the brain mentality

of a young child

She'll come give me a hug once in a while

She gets excited to hear my voice when

I talk to her on the phone

The happiness I get when I see her

lovely smile

And even though she's technically the middle child

She's always going to be considered the baby

I love her no matter what she has as a condition

She is still a child of God

She is such a beautiful young lady

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