Fear of Neglectment
Fear of Neglectment  neglect stories

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There's always someone who is watching over you

Fear of Neglectment

Growing up was a hardship

Suffered through some tough times

My parents got divorced

I didn’t even want to be alive

Went through years of therapy

And was given the diagnosis of having ADHD

It’s true that I wanted some attention

But wanted to seek it from my family

I kept trying to tell them what was wrong

But they just wouldn’t listen to me

And being as young as I was at the time

People thought that I was simply crazy

Taking all kinds of medication

But the solution was simple, all I needed was love

And as I grew older

I learned to find that love from above

Life can be difficult at times

And it’s never what I expected

But I’m reminded that there is at least one person there

So whenever I need him, I am no longer neglected

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