You'll Go Down With Me
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pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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First poem back in a while. For this one I took all the photos myself. Hope you enjoy!

You'll Go Down With Me

I was being sarcastic, I promise I didn't mean that, Once I was mean, that's not me,

Well look at me now all flushed, And you think I could pull strings? Pretend like me: please don't see,

Only sisters see through me, My parrot calls me ingenuous, Would it scold to try it once, or twice?

We're through and through, I know that, Boxers handshake after that fight, right? fateful clash over, no end in sight.

I Get it, I see the house, And yes I see the red fire, Yes, of course I see you there,

An empty boated fisher, Maybe I burn easier? Please don't assume you know me,

It's the last of my caltrops, Breathe Icy fire on me, I'm human, Lay right there again please, I'm human.

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