Menacing Grooves and Stamping Hooves
Menacing Grooves and Stamping Hooves free stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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(all pictures in the back ground are made by me) hope you enjoy!

Menacing Grooves and Stamping Hooves

I'm trying to get back into that poetic groove, Maybe getting more tired will put me in the mood, Because these days all I get is images, I see a blade of grass and get whole lineages,

Vivid hard lines painted on my frontal lobe, And I'm tired of translating rich ideas like a royal robe, But I never get tired in conversation outside, Emotions seep in to my stutters like they're inside,

Stutters in my epic; falling back into free style, But I'm in control, but my love level is in denial, It must be; no other way to explain, Why some days it's me and the family, other days it's refrain,

In the modern snake jungle, it's you against your brain, There's the groove back; it never really does wane, It was nice to feel the sunlight inside me, Now though; you're not one to decline me,

You always want words, silly similes, Not real thoughts, rambunctious riddles, But the overlap chopped off, Packaged and topped off,

Please leave me alone, Leave me to roam, Leave me, Grieve me,

I don't care about you anymore! I don't want you taking control of my every thought! Paper will be my sight; sight my paper, A shaper my pen; a pen isn't a shaper!

Perspective of perspective changing, Rejective and selective; it's deranging, But now I see what I want, I used to see what you don't,

Sharing ideas with the keys, Observancy fees, But now you share sight with my shoulder, And back there you won't get any bolder,

You'll quiver back in the dark, As I bask in the beauty, stark, And feel the wet grass in my fingers, As it fills my senses and then still lingers,

I'll squash all my poem's third lines, Sitting there, unconscious of rhymes. the images amongst me, and me amongst the trees of a mind free of enslavement it now capable of-

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