Idiom man in the shade
Idiom man in the shade poem stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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A poem about the wise man in all of our heads. This is what he told me today. What did he tell you?

Idiom man in the shade

If you try to hold sand too tightly, It slips through your fingers, Love isn't too sightly, It poisons and it lingers.

Even a brave lion in a cave, Will starve and fall If it doesn't change, From that fate, love can save, But without, is far more strange.

The best time to blossom is now, The old idiom man said, Trees planted in the past don't grow, And down my long path I'm led.

Every story and poem ever told, Whisper me meaning and truth, And although touching souls is gold, I've gotta lift up my youth.

I lie in an orange field of green grass, Emotions overcome by colour, And this freedom might be my last, I don't want this busy world any fuller.

Music and nature is enough, Oh, forest in love's shade, Take these blue feelings away.

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