Firefly Faces and Stinging Stasis
Firefly Faces and Stinging Stasis space stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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Firefly Faces and Stinging Stasis

Your mind wanders to interesting places, Detailed wonders expansive, their blank faces Crowding; planting forebodings in question of Sowings of security; celestial love,

Oppressive and tranquil, binding you to stars They fleet, they meet, they wander astray, guitars Plucking at your many strings in haze of theirs,

Your many dreams come true, vivid déjà vu Upon those many systems, falsities askew, Having your eyes and mind fixed upon planet's faces, Will in time reveal lies and rind that coat the places,

Cyclicality, loving you who wrote the ages, Places in time, dark from current sun, that soaks and slows Your forward steps, bringing fervent light as the smoke grows,

Future in the infinite constellation, it knows About infinite fixations of faces you pose As questions, anxieties to loftily natter, Like fizzling sparks in endless incandescent chatter.

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