Experimenting With Poetic Styles 2
Experimenting With Poetic Styles 2 followers stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
Autoplay OFF   •   3 months ago
With this one I really tried to push my rhyming , I think it turned out pretty well!
What do you think?

Hope you enjoy :)

Experimenting With Poetic Styles 2

I'm gonna write for a whole fucking day, Don't you wanna smite me with a whole roll of fucking rays, Won't you leave me to fight with the pen, the pole, me the evil fay, Watch out for what I might say, the medieval display,

Don't grieve me quitting the light and entering the den, the hole, losing my soul, To the fantastical, the magical, sauntering with the illogical, I'll go door to door, with my buzz saw sickle, You abhor what I does, gore like mind fuzz, it's fickle,

Wild and sporadic, no ink, just pain at the pageant, Filed behind doors and spines, famed at the post-mortem, Laws in lines, floors of pine, don't saw them, Sores like signs, the blue bores like "draw them",

The few falls of my true façade, The "he's called" of you behind bars, The walled mind of stripy stars, These high piece cars like eyepiece arrrs,

It's not a class clincher, it's about the lost memoirs from mars, It's not about your sass and penny pincher one incher, It's about the first class en masse and whether they can lynch ya. Clinch ya, use ya then rinse ya,

Then finally mince ya because you don't even wince yeah, Don't even try to convince me that you have long since been a prince, Cuz everything about you evinces a sense, That you don't even got two cents on your dense defense,

And the moment they get intense, Is the moment you'll get fight or flight like eve when she gets a bite of that quince leaf blight, It might fright your fictitious fervent foresight to know, That the floodlight is only 100 Fahrenheit,

It's been bright since the first grasp of your polite handclasp, And don't gasp and rasp when you see the map under a lamp under a tree, With a whole wrap of mini-mes with thinking caps addressing thee like "we don't agree, You were just too much of a madcap to see what was underneath this lonely tree",

Maybe after that you'll be like 'that was a fad, I had been the one who was mad, but now you're unclad, I can see the ones who can see the paths that will be, under this lonely tree', Then they will disappear and won't even jeer because they won't be near,

Dislodge your dear domineering in place of queer sheer life in gearing, And then dodge the fuselage of austere repeated rehearing, Write a one liner so they can't get behind ya, Then pimp it so they want it,

Cuz there's none finer than a chimp with no limp, No crutch from some minor wimp, Just one writer that's much brighter now he's got his lip in a grip.

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