Behind Brick Walls
Behind Brick Walls corruption stories

pearmintsquid Stand some stones and see if they fall.
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Behind Brick Walls

Time's never enough To meet all the people And know them

Few people can you show That they should know you Because your brain wasn't born It was conceptualized

And the face that covers Is but a brick Glued by thick cement

The nose and eyes Feed waste to you The ears a hammer A nail in each side

Cement and nails A proxy with which to torture But your mouth Your mouth a keyhole

Screaming out of it Your forked tongue Feeding on the rust

Do those eyes have corners? Nothing to notice Unforgiving intent

And now you've found him And you've found time And you've coiled tighter Than ever before

And as you raise your green mask I know I'm prey

My nose, eyes, ears and lips Removed tear by tear We never exchanged thoughts Just cement And solid orange bricks

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