Oops... It happened between us...

It happened between us... romance stories

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Oops..It happened between us

Oops... It happened between us...

Night after work...On the way to our (myself & him) apartment... We saw two couples making love in the street...

I turned around and made another route... But he hold my wrist and asked me to stop ..

Still i can here the moans of the couple standing there... Me : Let me go..let us take another route not disturbing them... He : Wait ! We have been known for years, friends for decade... Me : what now?

He came closer to me...I got stunned on seeing him so close to me We were friends but i had little crush on him from school days..which i havent said him till now Even though we are neighbours and family friends, I am afraid of loosing him

He : What you want frm me : Me : Excuse me? what are you talking ? He : I am serious, open up atleast now Me : Nothing to open up, we are good friends..and nothing more than that

He : then why are scared of that couple? Me : What !! I am not, I just thought we don't wanna disturb them

He : Is that the only reason ?? (with eyebrw raised) Me : yes, what else will be there..It is getting cold lets move fast..Tomorrow having many work to do He : Stop acting, its weekend and there nothing to do tomorrow

He : you still didnt answer my question Me: this not the correct place to discuss about it He: Yesterday, when I checked on your room I cam across your diary and I read it... Me :how dare???? that my personal...

He : why are you hiding your feeling from me ? Me : I am not..Lets stop here and get to our home ( tears started running my cheeks) He : Stop !

And started kissing me passionately..I melt there...

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