For those boys over there....
For those boys over there.... friends stories

pearly Community member
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If are searching for true love and confused in choosing who is your love...some of my known facts on it

For those boys over there....

Here goes some of my tips if she is really into you .... If she loves you madly....

She likes to spend more time with you... with you alone ....

She will trust you no matter what...

Shares everything with you...

Makes eye contact with you eventhough when you are surronded by your group

She will make you mad in front of all.. And act like as if she is not intrested But truth she cares about you ..

Supports you and stand for you in serious situation

Fight with you for silly Reasons which never lasts morethan 5 Minutes..

She shows her childish side of her to you

Get jealous when you are close with another girls

She will make you happy whenever she is around you

If you find any girl with these qualities, dont leave her She is for you <3

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