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pearlinepriscil Lov 2 Spread my Wings 2 d Limits unknown
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I love myself and love to face myself.
Conscience is your answer.

Swag Along

#world record poetry

Caps lock on

Typing Wrong

Twittering Chats

Drummering Chants

Waiting Ceaseless

Moments Treasurous

Skipping Passions

Dreaming on Dreams

Pouting and hurting

With no Pride

Words and Wings

Worlds but masses

Drones and clones

Bots and morons

Tenses active and passive

Conscience degressive

Thoughts pervade and fade

Blent and blant, an arcade

Desires may rive

Catch on the drive

Fearless thrust and thrive

To Guinea or Paradise immeasurable

Even rift or drift

Castrate or raped

Men and Women and all people

Insignificant. No more forever more

Swag, swag and swag along

Moving to and fro play along

Yet the world will move along

Out of your Space Fight along

#world record poetry

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