"Study Date With You...." Namjoon x Reader

        "Study Date With You...."
               Namjoon x Reader
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With Exams coming in a month and you've been procrastinating you ask Namjoon for help with studying, but it turns into more of a date..?

"Study Date With You...." Namjoon x Reader

With my exams coming up soon, I won't be able to write as much stories as I'd like too! So enjoy this cute study date with Namjoon! Next week is the long awaited Christmas Special I have been working on for about a month. I'm still improving as a writer so I hope you can be patient with me everyone! Anyway Enjoy!

Exams. Ugh that dreadful exams no student ever likes to take. But nonetheless you were studying for it anyway. With just only a month away for the exams; you knew that it would be here in no time. It didn't help that you procrastinated a lot as well, so you decide to call up your best friend Namjoon. You knew he'll scold you for procrastinating on studying; but you also knew he'll help you anyway so you can pass your...

..exams. "Hey, Whats up? You usually call me after classes. Is something wrong?" Namjoons voice spoke as you chuckled sheepishly "Actually Joonie...Could you help me study? I've been procrastinating on studying; and my exams are only a month away and i-" of course Namjoon stopped you before you even finished your sentence "You what?! Meet me in the library for a study da- I mean! Uh...

...session! Yeah.." His voice sounded flustered, but that didn't bother as you sighed agreeing to meet him. After the call with Namjoon you decide it's best. Besides his your senior, and your best friend. You and him are only 3 years apart, but somehow still manage to become the closet of friends. As you were getting out of the shower, you decide to change your style a bit. You won't lie Namjoon was really..

..handsome. He looks like he can be a whole model if he wanted too. But you couldn't think about that. You decide to go with something causal. You wore a long Hazel brown long sleeve coat, a white tee-shirt, light blue denim jeans that you matched with a belt, an your white sneakers. Afterwards, you put your hair up in a bun and grabbed your glasses and your black bag that had everything in it. You were..

...walking to the library when you notice a muscular built figure in the distance. "Hey! Joon! Sorry am I late?" You semi-yell as you stood in front of him. His gaze was onto you his eyes staring down at what you were wearing. A hint of red covered his cheeks "You look...great. Now let's head inside I've reserved a small room for us to study in." And with that you both walked into the library sitting down and..

..letting Namjoon help you study. As the time seemed slow in that room, eventually it was already night time. By then, you and Joon were both exhausted from studying all day. Joon looked at you as he laid his head down on your lap. "I hope that helped. You shouldn't procrastinate to study if you knew exams were in a month. I mean were both in college, but next time, I wont let you procrastinate again ya know.."

A small giggle left your lips as you nodded. "Of course Joon. Sorry again.." He let out a small sigh but smiled "Its fine..Wanna grab coffee later? I know a good coffee place, and it would be nice to just hang out with you again. I've been so busy with my job, and college we barely hang out anymore. So i'd love to catch up with you again.." A smile peeped into your mouth as you nodded "Yeah that sounds great Joon!"

Sorry this week's story was short! But I told myself that I'd need to get a story out to everyone even if it was short. Again i'm busy with school, and exams so I won't write as much as I'd like, but I hope you enjoy that cute story of Namjoon and You! :) Also my story "My Moonlight Goddess..." has over 43 LIKES?! I freaked out when i saw that!!! You guys must really loved that story! I won't blame you though. I'm glad that

..so many of you enjoyed "My Moonlight Goddess.." Story! It means a lot that you guys enjoyed that type of story. I also saw that Bokuto story I had written was also popular! You guys are too much. Thank you all I'm really glad you guys enjoy my stories! And with that, I hope you enjoy future stories as well! Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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