"My pebble..." Crushing Kirishima x Female!Y/n

"My pebble..."
Crushing Kirishima x Female!Y/n my hero stories

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When you get heartbroken for Valentines Kirishima has your back, but what happens when you find out Kirishima doesn't want to be than just 'friends' anymore?

"My pebble..." Crushing Kirishima x Female!Y/n

Happy Valentines Day readers! Today I bring you a heartfelt Kirishima to brighten your Valentines! I hope you enjoy! Edit: I'm so sorry this was so late!!! But heres a little cute story for you Kirishima stans/kinnies. And no i DO NOT support Yagami Yato anymore with the drama that happened with her.

Awful. Terrible. You couldn't believe you got stood up by your crush Kaminari; and you felt stupid. As you sat at the fountain crying ripping up your love letter to him. It was there when Kirishima saw you running towards you "Hey woah....woah...Y/n tell me whats wrong?" He wiped off your tears with his hands as you looked at him. Seeing you cry made Kirishima's heart broke. He never saw you..

..broke down like this in a long time. "K-Kaminari..He s-stood me up..For valentines.." You sobbed you tried your best calming down but nothing you did was working. Kirishima held you as his voice put you at ease "Hey shh...Look at me & listen to my voice. What Kaminari did to you wasn't very manly! But there are o-other people who like you Y/n! Just breathe in and out..It's okay..." He caressed you softly as you..

..looked into his eyes, and finally calmed down. Kirishima took you to your favorite ice cream shop and paid. "Kiri...You don't have to do this ya know..." You said as you licked your ice cream "What kind of best friend/man would I be if I didn't? Kaminari wasn't manly enough for you, so I'm treating you out like a real man would!" He chuckled as he took a bite out of your ice cream "H-Hey! No fair!" You both laughed.

Just like that Kirishima had cheered you up. But truth be told Kirishima liked no. Loved you for the longest time. He was too shy to say it, but now he had to say something. Anything because he can't hold back how he felt about you for any longer. "Hey Y/n? Could you meet me by the park under the cherry blossom tree in a few hours?" You nod seeing Kirishima dash off. You went back to your place and was..

..greeted by Mina and Tsyu. "Heyyyy Girl!!! How did it go with Kaminari? You guys ya know! A thingg~" She joked as she saw your face. Tsyu tilted her head "Kero? Is something the matter Y/n?" You shook your head "Ah no it's nothing. Um..Kaminari stood me up actually Mina.." The two females looked shocked as they shook there head "Kero! I'm sorry that happened Y/n.." Mina agreed "Yeah Kaminari..

..I'll give him a piece of my mind!" She looked angry as you stopped her. "No! Mina it's fine besides..Kirishima has to tell me something in the Park in...2 hours?! Oh no!!!" You rushed to your room getting ready. Especially since you didn't want to be late meeting up Kirishima, even though you know he can wait for you even if you an hour late to meet up with him.

You begin to head your way towards the park under the cherry tree you and Kirishima love going too when you both had the free time off as Heros. You and Kirishima had such a special bond together. You begin to think of times you can Kirishima had spend together while walking there.

TW: VERY LOVELY MOMENTS :") Imagine this is you and Kirishima :")

You begin to realize while you are walking Kirishima has always been there for you. He was the first guy to cheer you up, the first guy who made you laugh, the first guy who made you forget about all your problems. Once you finally get there you see him blushing at how you look. Your face gives off a slight blush as you look down you feel his eyes staring at you; because you were so beautiful.

"Y-You um...You look very b-beautif- manly! You look...Ah geez Y/n...You look amazing..." He said as he turned towards you "Y/n...There's something I need to get off my chest. Just promise me you won't laugh or judge me." He said his face was red as tomato while you gave him a confused look; yet agreeing to what he asked of you. Kirishima let out a huge sigh and looked at you holding your hands as he stared into...

..your eyes. "Y/n..Since the moment I've met you I've always loved you. For the longest time I've loved you. I've been holding back my feelings for you because I didn't know you felt the same way about me. And me confessing my feelings to you is...something only manly of the manliest man can do! Y/n..I love you. I want you to be mine. I want only for you to be mine and only mine for the rest of my life..Because..

...I can't bare the thought of you leaving me, I want you to myself I know I'm being greedy but-" before he finished his sentence you placed your lips against Kirishima's lips.

*Sorry this was the closest thing i could find that matched what i had imagined*

The sudden kiss made Kirishima turn bright red as he kissed you back. For about what seemed like a year but was only a minute you both pulled away. "Kirishima, I've realized that I can't bare to live without you either. I love you more than anyone. It may have took a bit to realize my own feelings towards you; so would you be my 'boulder' this Valentines?" You said blushing..

With a moment of silence Kirishima turned around "Please tell me your joking! Tell me I'm dreaming! If this is really happening.." He turns back around to face you as he smiled "I'd love too 'my pebble'." You blush with the sudden nickname as you both hug each-other tightly embracing the love you both have for each other.

Hey guys Minji here! I decided to approach something new did you notice the gif's i used? Well I thought I'd be using those moe often! Please stay safe everyone! Have a great Valentines Day!!!

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