"My moonlight goddess..." Dabi x Female!Y/n

    "My moonlight goddess..."
           Dabi x Female!Y/n

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The Moon is beautiful only when the mind is seeking beauty, and the heart is loving. When Dabi discovers this beauty of a goddess Y/n what will happen then?

"My moonlight goddess..." Dabi x Female!Y/n

This is actually a sad story; I know I've been writing wholesomes ones. But I just wanted to bring this story out because it reminded of an...old friend.

For all you Dabi stans this one is for you!!! :D

It was a normal walk for you like any other. You were admiring the moonlight & stars out because it was beautiful. Such a shame people slept through the beautiful moonlight embrace. You sat down near a lake as you hummed a melody. Suddenly you stop. You felt an aura; well more like a person nearby; you transformed into your angel form as your white wings popped out as eyes glowed...

..white. There Dabi revealed himself "I wasn't even within a foot and you sensed me." He smirked his quirk on as his blue flames burned the grass as your eyes widen. "Stop! What are you doing?!" You pushed him back as you saw the grass burn you sigh as you focused your energy regrowing it as you saw Dabi look at you "H-Huh? What are you?" Y/n turned around her wings closing as she sighed Dabi looked into her glowing...

..eyes as he stepped back. "What's your quirk?" Y/n tilted her head as she closed her eyes turning off her quirk as she looked at the lake as she sat down "My quirk is based off the goddess Irene. Lady Irene one of the divine warriors." After that night Dabi couldn't stop thinking about you. Your quirk was really powerful when its used in the full power. But the only time Dabi has ever seen Y/n was the exact same place..

..and from then on he started to visit you. You heard some footsteps you looked back as you saw Dabi "Hey Dabi." Dabi nods sitting down as he laid down on the grass as he sighed "Hey my moonlight." You suddenly blushed as you looked at him "M-My moonlight? What does that mean?" Dabi chuckled sitting up as he looked at you "Exactly what it means my moonlight." Dabi scratches his neck as he looked at you...

..he seemed like he wanted to tell you something so you decided to let him say it. "My moonlight. I always see you in the same place & you love the moonlight. So you're my moonlight." You suddenly felt flustered as you turn away from him. You both laid next to each other on the grass you stared into each other's eyes for awhile getting lost seeming as it was like abyss for both of you.

Imagine this is Y/n and Dabi looking into each other!

With a moment Y/n broke away as she looked up into the starry sky Dabi took your hand as you looked at him "My moonlight...My precious moonlight...You are truly beautiful. But I can't be with you. I've murdered people, innocent people. My moonlight..You are as pure as a full moon, to that I must leave you." His words felt like a knife. Sharp. Straightforward. It hurt; his words actually hurt you for..

..the first time in forever. As he slowly begins to let go of your hand you felt something was here with you. No. Someone was watching you. "Dabi...Theres someone here with us. I need you go." You say before you know it you were hit. Dabi eyes widen he felt his anger rage up inside him. He blasted towards where they had aimed Y/n from. Dabi quickly rushed over towards Y/n as he was shaky holding..

..your bloody body in his hands. You spoke. Your voice was a whisper but yet Dabi was still able to hear you. "Dabi..I think, it's time for me to join the moon.." Dabi eyes filled with tears as he held you closely "N-No! You can't just...I won't let you!" You could hear his heart ache in pain even by the sound of his voice. "Dabi..Whenever you are lonely...Look at a moon. I'll be shining brightly with you. Even though I'm giving up my..

..physical form, that doesn't mean I won't be here with you spiritually. Dabi..I-I love you.." Your eyes faded. The color of your skin had turned pale. No longer were you alive. Dabi was still trying to process everything. He looked at you kissing your cold lips "I-I love you too my moonlight...Always and forever..." Dabi had regretted what he said to you before and began crying out. Screaming his lungs out.

It's been about 4 years since Dabi last came to this lake where he met Y/n. He sat down where you sat. The lake was now dirty water. The grounds didn't feel as greenly anymore. They were lost without the guidance of Y/n's powers. He looked up at the moon as he ever so smiled slightly "My moonlight...it's been about 4 years now. How are you? I see now why you've always admired the moonlight..

..under the starry sky. It's beautiful just as you were. I see you are shining so brightly tonight. Y/n..My moonlight goddess...I miss you. I'll see you someday, and when I do I'll be one of your stars shining in the light. Then we can finally be together again.." Dabi soft spoke as he left a Moon-flower on the ground. Little did Dabi know Y/n's spirit was always there with Dabi "Thank you Dabi..I love & miss you so...

..much as well." You hugged Dabi though you know he couldn't feel you. Dabi felt shivers down his spine as he looked back smiling one last time before disappearing into the dark forest back where he came from.

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