¨Just shut up and cuddle me...dummy¨ Stressed out!Bakugou x Male!Y/n
      ¨Just shut up and cuddle 
    Stressed out!Bakugou x 
                      Male!Y/n my hero stories

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On one of Bakugou´s rough days he couldn´t possibly endure, Male!Y/n decides to be the big spoon and comfort him!

¨Just shut up and cuddle me...dummy¨ Stressed out!Bakugou x Male!Y/n

You guys should follow @c0rpse here on Commaful! He writes amazing anime imagines and takes request check him out everyone!

Since lately Ive been doing a lot of Fem!Y/n´s heres something for the fanboys who just LOVE Bakugou! And though Im not a guy myself, I know there are male readers out there I hope you Female Readers AND Male Readers enjoy this! Ill be doing more of Male!Y/n in the future!

!WARNING! This contains cussing because its Bakugou. What else do you expect from our boom boom boy? HAHA! But no really there is cussing in this story read at your own risk!

Waiting. You were waiting on the elevator to get into your dorm since your dorm was on the fourth floor as the same room next to Bakugou´s. Once the elevator door opened you were shocked to see Bakugou leaning against the wall near where you got out. ¨Babe? Why are you up, its late and you are usually in bed by now.¨ It was a bit of a surprise to see Bakugou up at this hour considering he..

..usually sleeps at 8:32 PM you knew since it was the exact time you come back from studying. Honestly you could study in your dorm, but libraries just have a better studying effect on you than your dorm. ¨Oh, shut up idiot! I was waiting for you to come back because...Well....¨His voice trailed off. You could tell something was up with Bakugou usually his very..

..honest to you when he needs something. ¨Well..? Care to tell me Katsuki..¨ You teased, his face looked really pissed off like he didn´t enjoy it at all because he was trying to tell you. ¨S-Sorry..But really whats wrong? You´re acting different. Whats weirder is that you arent asleep at all.¨ His face flushed a slight red. He never knew that you remember even the exact time he goes to sleep..

..it actually made his heart flutter. ¨Just shut up and come to my dorm dumbass.¨ So suddenly he grabbed your wrist and guided you both into Katsuki´s room. Once you had laid down on his bed like usual you felt Bakugou on top of you. On top of you..? HOLY CRAP! But then you noticed Bakugou hugging you tightly. So tightly. Was he sad? Whats bothering him? What could you do?...

..Without a moment of thinking you wrapped your arms around his waist, and pulled him closer to your body. Bakugou huffed and grumbled something you couldn´t really quite make out. ¨Sorry babe..Could you say that again?¨ You asked, Bakugou grumbled as his voice was louder for you to hear him. ¨You fucking idiot! I said..I had a bad day. That damn nerd..¨ Deku. He was for sure talking about..

..Deku. Though you and Deku have never talked, you knew Bakugou hated Deku because he saw him as other side of All Might, and ruin his chances of being a No.1 Pro Hero. You pulled him closer to your body. Though you were just now becoming more muscular you werent near as Bakugou. Still his face flustered as he grumbled. You both just embrace the warmth of..

..how close you both are cuddling. You whispered sweet nothings in Bakugous ear, and gave him pleasing small kisses around. Though Bakugou is a tsundere towards his lover, he can admit that he enjoys being spooned by you. As time past you saw Bakugou sleeping on top of your chest. The scent of Bakugou which was caramel made you hum. You have always enjoyed his scent and..

..with him being so close to you, you start to fall asleep as well until you hear Bakugou. ¨I...love you...you dumbass...¨ He was still asleep, but it was so cute he was dreaming of you. Your arms rubbing his back careful not to wake him and whisper ¨I love you too..My Pro Hero..~¨ With that you and Bakugou both fell into slumber cuddling in a warm embrace.

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