Heavenly: jjk | chapter one
Heavenly: jjk | chapter one  bts stories

peachyjeoon I try to escape from school by writing.
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Lee Gyeongi thought she was an ordinary girl, however everything changed once she learned who she truly was.


Inspired by Percy Jackson and The trials of Apollo.
A jeon jungkook fic


Cuss words are included.

Heavenly: jjk | chapter one


Lee Gyeongi walked around the museum as she analysed the godly sculptures. Even though the sign clearly said "Do not touch" She couldn't resist the urge but to touch Zeus's statue.

That's so pretty..

She thought to herself. Greek mythology has always been interesting for her. Every since Gyeongi was little she had always read all the newspapers that involved Percy Jackson.

Merely a pure god, but a human child with the father of a god. A demigod. The son of Poseidon- oh, and so powerful.

She found it so fascinating of how a human like him can have such great powers; it was amazing.

She quickly grabbed her camera and directed it towards the statues. "Zeus, Poseidon and Hades," She lightly whispered to herself. A smile curved on her lips.

"So cool,"

Gyeongi tiredly plotted herself down on her comfortable bed, her arms immediately stretching out for the huge soft blanket next to her.

With the blanket she tucked it around her whole body before she went ahead and grabbed her phone and searched up 'H2u headlines'

She quickly scrolled through the news as her eyes slowly but gradually started to close on its own. She frustratedly slapped herself on her chin, hoping to stay a little more awake.

She desperately tried to stay awake. She needed to be the first one to hear the news of Percy Jackson. Every day at 02:00 am.

It's very late yes, but Gyeongi loved it. She loved being the first reader, she loved reading about Percy Jackson, left alone gods.

Sometimes she'd fantasise that she had the same power as him. There would be days where she'd walk around the house pretending to control the water.

Her neighbours who could see her every day thought she was mentally sick. She couldn't care less, she loved pretending to control the water.

Nearly ten minutes had passed. At this rate she had to stick two tape straps on her eyelids to keep them open.

"Ah, so thirsty..," She mumbled. She felt her throat burn while her lips were dry. "Water, I need water..

," She cried as she stretched out her arm, hoping to reach the glass of water standing on her desk.

"Wa..ter..," She mumbled. The tape straps that were once sticking on her eyelids fell of, her arms grew weaker as she tried to reach for the glass of water.

Gyeongi glanced at the glass of water standing on her desk one more time before her body gave up on her. Her eyes drifted of to cloud land as she let the dark engulf her.

However, once the girl had fallen asleep, she did not notice that the water that she yearned so much for, had formed into a thick bubble whom flew above her bed.

The water spread across the roof of her room as it silently flew above the petite sleeping girl.

Meanwhile her neighbour who was on the other side of the building, couldn't believe with his own eyes of just what he had witnessed.

His neighbour- the girl he thought was mentally sick- could actually control the water.

Gyeongi finished class early and decided to go to an Instagram famous study cafe to study math.

Her exams were nearing and she'd admit she isn't the best in math. On her way she bought some golden kiwis, however the cafe did not allow her to bring it in.

Frustrated and not wanting to let go of her kiwi, Gyeongi decided to walk further down the town and ended up sitting by the nearest playground.

"Tch, what's so good about an Instagram famous study cafe if you can't bring the most important thing in the world?" She huffed. "Golden kiwis are superior" She growled.

Earning a laugh from the man next to her.

Gyeongi turned her head to the man whom

was sitting next to her. He was sitting on one of the swings, his legs going back and forth.

He had dark skin, not a Korean, however his hair was covered with a beanie, but she could still see his visible curly brown hair.

Gyeongi was stunned and shocked. She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shut it.

Instead she coughed and continued, "Are you perhaps.." She mumbled. The man looked at her, his head tilted to the side. "Am I what?"

Gyeongi awkwardly rubbed her hair. "Are you perhaps.., Grover?" The man chuckled. "Am I so easy to recognise?"

Gyeongis eyes went wide. She's always been interested in God's and such. But never has she ever imagined that she'd run into Percy Jackson's guardian himself!

Grover, the oh-so amazing Satyr! She tried her best not to fangirl in front of him and rather tried to act more calm and collected.

Reputation and first impression is important after all.

"Oh, that's cool," She nodded calmly. However on the inside she felt like exploding. She had so many questions she wanted to ask.

Grover didn't say anything but nod. The atmosphere changed to a rather awkward one.

Gyeongi didn't want to come off as irritating to the satyr and decided to stay quiet, although Grover himself didn't seem to say anything either.

A cough ruined the silence. Grover decided to speak up. "Anyways, you are Gyeongi right?"

"Yeah, why?"

Little did she know that the next words that would roll out of his tongue was far from what she expected.

That one little sentence changed everything.

"Uh, I know it sounds weird but, you're a demigod Gyeongi,"

Gyeongis eyes went wide, her mouth hung open. She could've sweared she drooled somewhere in between.

She tried her hardest to understand what Grover meant. But it never hit her completely. Her? A demigod?

Am I really?

"I'll explain everything to you, but we need to leave," Grover continued. She looked at him, her face paler than ever.

"What do you mean?" Gyeongi couldn't help but stutter. "Why? When? Where?" She had so many questions she wanted to ask.

Grover shook his head. "Not now," he got up. "All I can say is that you're in danger and I need to bring you to a safe place,"

That's when it clicked.

If she's really what he told her she was and if she really was in danger like he said, then there would only be one place she'd have to leave to.

"The half-blood camp..,?"

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