My Puzzle Piece
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peachcat A mess.
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What if you loved me back?


My Puzzle Piece

You will always be my greatest what if and even my greatest could've been

You are a person who fits me perfectly

Like a puzzle piece

Like my fitted jeans

like paper and pen

Like the rainbow after the rain

You are my perfect match

We're souls with the same color

Songs with the same tune

We're black and white, Yin and Yang

So similar yet so different At the same time

it's beautiful how a perfect match we are

We could've been happy

We could've been the best couple

We could've been the greatest partners

We could've been so happy

We could've been

Only if you felt the same way

because no matter how much, we perfectly match

It's no use if our feelings don't

I like us

I've always liked us

You don't

You never did

You never will

Even if we're a perfect match

You don't like perfect

You never did

and you never will

You'll always be just a "could've been"

You'll always be just a "what if"

What if you loved me back?

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