The Backstory of Thalassarche Nimblecusp
           The Backstory of 
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( Here's a part of a backstory I have written for a DnD npc that one of my players is connected to. Lemme know what you think so far c: ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Backstory of Thalassarche Nimblecusp

( Here's a part of a backstory I have written for a DnD npc that one of my players is connected to. Lemme know what you think so far c: )

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"Ah!.... C'mon in!" Standing at the doorway of a sea-side hut, you are greeted by a quick smile, accompanied with warm, golden eyes.

This man gestures a webbed fingered hand toward the inside as you hear the pitter-patter of small feet running across the wooden floor.

Curiosity peaks your interest as you peer around the corners as you enter.

A light-green haired woman stands in the kitchen with her back to you, giving her full attention to two small children that seem to be joyously jumping with empty silver bowls held up to her.

One child looking to be a young elf, the other resembling the man you had seen at the door that is now leading you to the dining room table.

The blue and gold-linen table is set with silverware, and looked to had been recently washed down with a damp rag. "Feel free to take a seat, just there.

" You hear the children that were moving around rambunctiously start to hush, letting their gazes wander over toward you. You feel their eyes hitting you like darts.

The lady addressing them took the bowls from the children's hands, and began to turn toward the countertop where steaming pots of, what appeared to be to you by smell, some sort of hearty broth,

being brewed over a fire. She takes a ladle and pours into each bowl a generous helping, her blue eyes appearing to be locked warmly on the man that sits with you at the table.

As he gives her a sweet smile in return, you notice that his skin is slightly scaled and toned.

He brushes a lock of his hair back behind his webbed ear as the lady seems to blush and turn with steamy bowls to the children, finally breaking their gaze they had on you.

The small elf girl scoops the bowl from the lady's hand, trotting off into a nearby hall after giving you a quick glance.

The woman placed the bowl into the other child's hands and rushed toward the hall.

"Libby, come back!! No eatin' in ya room, silly girl! You know better!

" Pieces of the broth slop to the ground as the two rush off, and a gentle chuckle exits from the grooves of the man's small grin as he keeps his gaze fixed on the table for a moment.

He rubs his hands together and allows his golden eyes to flicker to yours and lock on them. "Ha ha. My apologies. The kids can be a bit rowdy around supper time."

"Not a problem sir, it's-"

You see the man lower his head to the side furthest from you and you hear the faintest whispering voice of a young child say, "Daddy..can I..

sit in your lap?

" The sound of a small foot scuffing the floor overpowers your ability to hear the man's words back as he takes the child's bowl and places it in front of himself,

immediately turning back to the child and lowering his upper half down to them. You watch as two small, dainty arms wrap around the man's neck, and the child shuffles into his lap.

What you can see now is a very small girl, big eyes as dark blue as the deepest seas look at you cautiously.

Her skin appears as an exact replica of the man's, who kept one hand on her side, the other pulling her bowl close to her.

This takes her eyes off of you, and as if she had just remembered the bowl was there, she excitedly took the spoon and began to scarf down her broth. Her dark greenish hair bounced as she ate.

The man looks at you and gives you an endearing smile.

At this moment, the lady returns with the small elf girl, as she pulled up a chair and sat down with her bowl, a tinge or attitude in her actions. "You're welcome to some if you'd like.

" The lady says to you, blue eyes meeting yours for a moment before sitting down herself, across from the aquatic looking man and child.

"No, thank you" you assure them. "I've eaten before my little journey out here. Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet you, finally, Mr. and Mrs. Nimblecusp?

"Ah, quite! Haven't let you get a word in edgewise, apologies! It is almost always this crazy, I've almost forgotten what the quiet sounds like!" Mrs.

Nimblecusp gives a loving smile to the man as he softly laughs, then addresses you. "We're glad that you could make it-I..

suppose I should begin, from the beginning?" He stumbles each of his webbed fingers across one another and swallows, looking to you for approval. You give Mr. Nimblecusp a returned smile.

"As any story would."

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