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AWESOME story about balls! 🥚

Happy Balls

WOAH. It's a very beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming.. on days like this, balls like you..


.. and that's exactly what Rex the ball did.

Rex is a medium sized ball, he smiles like every other ball in the ballsack world and has the imagination of an enthusiastic genius!

But he doesn't have any friends..

so one day, he decided to step out into the Ballsack world and try to talk with other ballers!

He found an awesome playground with 2 balls playing on it.

One was a small sized ball with a brown hat, and the other one was a BIG sized ball, much bigger than any ball Rex has ever seen in the ballsack world!

Since Rex wanted to make friends, Rex goes straight to the 2 balls playing in the playground.

"Hi.. g-guys.. what are u guys d-doing?" said Rex.

"We're playing seesaw, didn't you see? Dumb idiot" the big ball angrily said.

"Oh nothing, we're just playing!" said the small ball with brown hat.

"Oh s-sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you g-guys, I'll go n-now" Rex sadly said.

Rex turns away and walk slowly on the opposite direction, almost at the verge of crying, it felt like he has no worth, just another waste of space in the world..

"Hey! Wait!" shouted by the small ball with brown hat.

Rex turned around, suprised.

"Wanna play with us?" said small ball.

"Oh... Yes, of c-course.." confused reply of Rex.

"Awesome! My name's Patrick!" said the small ball with brown hat "..And this is my friend B.."

"Oh who the hell is this bitch?" Said the big ball interrupting Patrick.

"Hey hey!" Patrick replied. "This is our new friend!"

"Hmph?" confused reply of the big ball.

"By the way, this big guy's name is Bob!" said Patrick. "Here meet Bob!"

"H-hi Bob.." said Rex.

"Hi.. I guess.." Bob replied.

"By the way, what's your name?" Patrick enthusiastically replied.

"My name is Rex, it's very n-nice meeting you Bob and Patrick!"

"Nice to meet you too!" said Patrick.

Bob, the big ball, was jelous of Rex.

He feels like Patrick doesn't wanna be friends with him anymore. (lol what a jelous stuck up bitch lmaoo)

Bob cried with blue waterfall like tears raining down in his cheeks.

"Woah Bob, what's the matter?" said Patrick.

"Leave me alone, go with this Rex guy, he's your NEW friend anyways!" Bob angrily replied.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, big smoke looking ass?" said Patrick.

"Shut the fuck up, if it wasn't for this Rex pussy, I wouldn't be like this" Bob said.

Patrick doesn't know what to do about Bob. Rex wanted to help.

"Hey Bob, we can be friends together! No need to be angry and bitter" said Rex to fix the problem.

"Bullshit, Patrick is my friend and you just stole my friend like a thief!" Bob replied.

"No, no, no, hey.." Rex said to calm Bob down. "I didn't stole Patrick, we can all be friends with each other!"

"HmPh..." Bob calmly replied. "Fine, maybe you're pussy ass is right.."

"Right..." Rex said.

"Thanks Rex." Patrick said. "..and Bob, we can still make friends with other people, there's no problem in that!"

"You're right, I'm sorry.." Bob replied with teary eyes.

"It's fine, we gucci!" Patrick happily said. "So.. What should we do with each other?" (threesome lol jk)

..and with that out of the way, Rex, Patrick, and Bob sets out on an adventure to flourish there friendships with each other!

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