The Dark Garden Growing Inside Me
The Dark Garden Growing Inside Me writingtoheal stories
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patycm This is a safe space. Read. Write. Heal.
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When the weight of your soul is too much to carry. When every breath takes an effort. When numbness is welcomed.

The Dark Garden Growing Inside Me

by PCM (WritingToHeal)

Week I

There's a Reckless seed growing inside me. "Who planted it there?" I think I did it myself. "Why?" Because one of the worst things that could've happened to me already did.

“And what was that?” Someone who is supposed to love me the most betrayed me. “What did this person do?” He moved on.

Week II


Week III


Week IV

Gasping for air.

Week V

The seed inside me is no longer Reckless. Reckless called for attention. Reckless was desperately looking for the thrill to feel again.

The seed has grown into Indifference. Indifference has me looking at the veins on my wrists. Indifference won’t stop whispering about death.

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