Feeling Over Touch
Feeling Over Touch love stories
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patycm This is a safe space. Read. Write. Heal.
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For the cynical and hopeless romantics
For those who have put their walls up for so long that they don't how to put them down anymore
For those that despite everything, still believe in love

Feeling Over Touch

by PCM (WritingToHeal)

I need touch to give instead of take I need feeling to be greater than touch I need the memory of touch to not be tinged with regret

I want lips that can’t get enough I want eyes that search mine I want hands to be curious in the gentlest of ways I want sighs of pleasure and plentitude

I want you sure Of the feelings I evoke in you I want you unafraid I want your touch to both appease me and excite me I want to feel safe I want it slow

I have given away all my firsts Except for one The innocence of first love

I don’t care if you’ve loved thousands before Show me, unmask me, undress me Make me tremble by the desire I see in your eyes

Make me succumb to my feelings Let me fall in the only way I’ve never given myself the chance to Let me fall in love with you

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