It'll have to do Collabro with @imaginarywriter
                 It'll have to do 

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hey it is @iamginarywriter, rosey 😂he is talented writer glad to work with him i formatted his words😁😁

It'll have to do Collabro with @imaginarywriter

I saw you the other day

I saw you the other day Something I had been anticipating For weeks up until the night

And when you held me in your arms

Not nearly long enough The world turned right side up

For now I'll have to make do

With memories of sugar-spun clouds

And gentle caresses under the sun

Re-reading old texts

That might as well have been from miles away

Because it's not nearly enough To text you It'll be A L R I G H T

When i can't prove it by holding you close Like I used to

But I guess for now It'll have to do.

He is a young writer and so cute but some people made him insecure about himself but he is imperfectly perfect isn't he?? I hope you won't kill me for inserting your picture

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