The Weird Kid
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Here he comes again Weirdo of the day

The weird kid speaking his heart, broken as it is.

The Weird Kid

Here he comes again

Weirdo of the day

Freak of the century

“Just Kill yourself already”

He screams at his innocent self

Nobody hates him like himself

Sad life and a sad future

He’s not a bad kid, just a weird one

Is that okay?

Is it bad to be weird?

“Is it bad to be odd?”

“Why am I weird?”

“Why am I odd?”

“Is there anyone like me?”

“…it’s lonely…it’s sad”

He lives with a smile, being his normal self in a normal world

He lives his life being an anomaly in the world’s flow

“Is he a bad kid?”

“Nah, just a weird one”

He’s grateful for acceptance

He’s grateful for friends

He just wishes to be like everyone else

He just wishes to be himself

He slowly wishes to himself

“Just be yourself”

“You are unique”

“You are special”

“You are weird”

Different words, same message

Different words, same pain

Can he just get a partner?

Someone that his weird self is normal?

Can he find another weird soul?

To give them the peace that he has forever wished for

It’s not a crime to be weird.

It’s not a crime to be different

It’s not a crime to hurt

It’s not a crime to be yourself

….So why does it still hurt?

……Why is it still lonely

……..”Why is no one like me?”

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