A Mystical Taste
A Mystical Taste taste stories

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Find the path to a mystical taste. \( ̄O ̄)

A Mystical Taste

When I wake up tomorrow veiled by the sorrow, please understand that in my curiosity and drive to love you,

I tend to get stranded and often forget what it means to be the receiver and host of all of your clemency.

I know that my duty is to celebrate everything which you create, and that the first step is to bring gratitude to its correct place.

I know that in my shame I've been known to ignore the importance of my role as the one that reconciles the love you have for all.

I know myself to be the mean that strives, to find the place in which heaven and earth collide themselves.

At least its what I think I'm supposed to do; but neither am I sure nor able to know how to push myself through.

So I offer myself to you from beginning to end so you may guide me and establish with me the most fruitful of of earthly partnerships.

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