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"Promise you'll never leave?"

Mama Told Me To.

"I don't want to, mama!" Oscar cried, his fingers tightly clutching the handle of his knife. "You must, my little one." Said the figure, her black hair flowing around her head, framing her face.

A white, flowing dress drifted about on her, her white pale eyes stared into the boy's. "But he's my brother, your son!" Oscar whimpered. The thing whom he called mother scoffed.

"No, Oscar." Her voice was silky, wrapping around Oscar's ears, soft and delicate. "He is not my son, nor your brother." "But-" "He lied!"

His 'mother' floated around him, her gaze angered and her posture frightening. "He tried to make you think I was dead!"

She looked up to the sky, then down, "And I did die. But I came back for my little Oscar. Can't you see? He's poisoning your thoughts. I was dead, but not anymore." "Mama I love my brother.."

"He is not your brother! He is not my son! He is nothing, no one!" The thing's eyes turned black, her hands curled into fists as her hair splayed out around her head. "You have to kill him!"

"I-" "Do it, Oscar Or you'll lose me forever!" "Mama no! Please don't leave me again!" "Then you must kill Owen." Oscar looked down at his knife, his demeanor changing.

His last tears slid down his face, his already black eyes darkening for a more sinister approach. "There's no other way, mama?" "No, my son. There isn't." His 'mother' grinned, watching Oscar as he looked up to the sky, his emotions no longer visible to the naked eye.

Oscar looked around the room, then left, the thing following him. She... she was a demon. Oscar found Owen sitting at his desk, hunched over as he worked on his newest graphic novel. "Owen?"

Owen looked up, then froze. He couldn't see the demon like Oscar could. While Oscar saw a beautiful woman, Owen laid eyes on a grotesque creature. Her eyes were checkered black and white, her body contorted in a way that made her look like a broken toy.

Black, torn, shredded wings flapped behind her, her hair swaying in dreaded, dead end strands. Her face was sunken in, her eyes protruding from her face. The white dress was black, fading out at the bottom into nothingness.

"Oscar.. I-" "Mama told me to do something." Oscar said, cutting off Owen. Owen stared at the demon, "Oscar, she's still here." "I know. And she'll never leave. Mama will never leave again!" "No! Oscar, mama is dead..! She died when we were twelve!"

"NO!" Oscar stomped his foot, "My mama is alive! She is with us! She'll never leave again, unless I don't-" He cut off as he felt 'mama's' hand on his shoulder. "Just do it, son."

While being motherly and kind to Oscar, the demon's voice rasped and croaked to Owen's ears. His heart raced with fear as he stared at them. Oscar looked at Owen, his face pale as he stepped closer.

"Mama will leave me if I don't get rid of those who try to rid of her." He said softly, setting one hand on Owen's shoulder. Owen's body tensed as he laid eyes on the knife peeking from behind his brother's back.

"O-Oscar, please. I'm your brother! I've always been there for you, I'm trying to- I'm trying to help you!" Oscar's hand moved to Owen's throat, squeezing hard. "You are not my brother." He said, the demon's voice echoing behind his. Owen looked into his brother's eyes as he gripped tightly on his arm.

Oscar's eyes were checkered, like the demon's. "O-Oscar-" Owen choked, clawing at Oscar's arm, "Pl-please! No!" "I'm sorry." Oscar drew up his blade, closing his eyes. He brought the knife down blindly, cringing as he felt liquid splatter his arm and face.

Oscar opened his eyes, looking down. His blade was driven into Owen's head, blood dripping down his face. His eyes were wide and lifeless, glossed over. His hands fell limp at his sides. Oscar moved away from him.

"I did it, Mama. Promise you'll never leave?" Oscar turned to face her. The demon smiled at him, "I promise." "Thank you."

Oscar turned back to his brother's corpse, "I'm sorry, Owen." He said softly, "Mama told me to."

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