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You bring me joy, little rabbit

Dear Little Rabbit

I look upon your little family with awe. You work together to bring food to your bellies and warmth to your hearts. You are soft to touch, my little friend.

I want to be like you, soft to touch and fun to play with. It’d be nice to say to my mother, “You bring me joy.” But, alas, this cannot be.

Little rabbit, is it alright if I speak to you on a regular? I’d like to be part of your family, if that’s ok. Is it? I hope it is.

My mother hasn’t held me since the day of my birth, little rabbit. She was never a happy woman, and father was no different. Bottles are his friends, drugs his family. I don’t see him anymore.

My sisters care only for themselves or grabbing the attention of boys who only care for what’s between their legs. My brother is kind, I loved him, but he’s left me.

He went to college, little rabbit.

Have you ever had a brother leave for college? Or do you have sisters that go after the wrong males? Is your father harmful to you and himself, and do you have a loveless mother?

I don’t think so, which is why I love you so much. You are a lovely little rabbit. Thank you for being my friend. You bring me joy.

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