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these are my feelings and the picture was from @imaginarywriter


We use words every day some that are useful and some that are just not necessary I mean we use words that hurt other people and make them feel bad about themselves but in this world, no one really pays attention to that it's like no one really cares about anyone anymore or how they feel its like a world of careless people a world which is sad and full of hatred.

Words like hate, it's a strong word but we don't use it wisely it is proven no one can really hate someone you might dislike them but you don't really hate them or the word love little kids use it all the time but it is not loved just liking someone so why do we use these words if it is not true not useful and not wise think about it.

There are also words out there that will never do anyone any good and by this I mean there are words out there that can cause you to have depression it makes you sad and want to kill yourself and sometimes you succeed at doing that and you never really get to enjoy life you ended it before you could make a difference before anyone else could make a difference.

There is also bullying does no one good and it hurts both of you bullying can get so bad with the words you use they can end someone life and they never get to enjoy it cause you decided to not stop you did everything in your power to hurt them making you feel better but you know there are people out there to help you so. Why? Why do these things that get you nowhere in life?

In this world, there are so many words so many things that get you nowhere in life so then why do it why do these things that there are only opportunities for hurting someone hurting yourself and causing contention instead of make this world a terrible place where no one can stand each other. Use better vocabulary be there for people and help stop bullying help those with depression be a better person

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