Fake Friends
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people like this needs to stop.... people feelings that can hurt, we need more kindness

Fake Friends

by: pastel_sunset this also happened in real life where i was little and still going on in my life


the past days

i've been feeling lonely

i've been feeling lonely, in every single crowded room.

trying to figure out who i am

trying to forget those horrible memories that hurts

people telling me that making friends is easy

where realy,

where realy, you get jugged by everything you do , and eat

trying to get out of this meaningless cage of judgement

you get judged for being.....:

-different -skinny -artist -lonely -how much i eat....

i just need a real friend

who i can trust

believe in

to support me from my bullies

i just need someone, to forget my cutting and and hate

i don't like being judged for whom i am

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